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            “BOOK HIM DANO”


It’s never too late to book “Zip” for a program date! If you are searching for a speaker who will make your audience…laugh, listen and learn, STOP and contact Steve, immediately! steve@zipkoffsolutions.com



He will make your audience laugh,
He is great for your company and staff.
You will laugh, listen and learn,
Added revenue, your company will earn.
He’s got humor and style and gets you in the groove,
That’s why hiring “Zip” is your best move.

(Hey! It isn’t easy to write this stuff.)


Your next event merits the entertainment, educational and motivational value of Steve “Zip” Zipkoff.

Ok, so now I’ve booked Steve for my event...what’s next?

bulletRelax! The hardest part is completed, you’ve hired Steve.
bulletSteve will contact you or your designate directly to get input about your event, the audience and what is expected.
bulletSteve will tailor-make his presentation so it directly meets your events needs.
bulletSteve will provide a photo, biography and anything else you might need to ensure his presentation is on target.  
bulletSteve does not require any visual aids, so room set-up is very simple.
bulletRelax again, “Zip” will show up on time and make a great presentation your audience will delight in.

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