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WHO IS THIS GUY! (What can I say…I only have one photo)

Steve is the President/CEO of Zipkoff Solutions, a unique, innovative, management
education company born in 1992 and he is an Instructor at SMU Cox Graduate
School of Business. 

After over twenty four (24) + years of successful accomplishments with Sears, KFC,
Burger King, Taco Bell, et al., Steve set out on a journey to entertain, educate and
motivate audiences rarely seen in a corporate environment or any other type of
environment for that matter. 

Steve is an keynote speaker, author, lecturer, business executive, husband, father
and a self-proclaimed marketing wizard.


What he has done is truly world-renown. So what has he done?

·         Created the Sears DieHard battery national marketing introduction and roll-out.

·         Developed the “We Do Chicken Right” national marketing strategy while at KFC.

·         Established the “Value Menu” at Taco Bell.

·         Part of the team that introduced the “Battle of the Burgers” competitive strategy for Burger King and,

·         Guided One-and-Only.com, one of the first Internet dating services, to sustained profitability leading to
the out-right purchase of the company for over $40 million.


As an SMU Graduate School Instructor, Steve has earned the prestigious Teaching
Excellence Award 15 times for his course on “Delivering Customer Delight.”

Steve is the author of the book, The Seven Stages of Successful Unemployment…From Hell to Hallelujah!
to quote The Dallas Morning News…”is a delightful, irreverent book (that) focuses on the seven stages.
The author delivers nuggets of wisdom in a fun, even playful way. This (book) goes a long way toward
dealing with the unpleasant reality of joblessness.”

Steve is a celebrity in his own right by appearing on numerous radio and television talk shows and he
has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Dallas Morning News.



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