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Sizzling Subjects…OUCH…these babies are hot!


Delivering Customer Delight™
Life Lessons…How to Achieve Business & Personal Success
If You Want to Find Gold…Try Prospecting – How to Relationship Sell
Change…It’s The Way of Life

The Seven Stages of Successful Unemployment...from Hell to Hallelujah

As well as,

Developing and Maintaining Business Relationships
Sales...You've Got Nothing Without Them!
You Are Your Own Brand
Marketing Innovation and Strategy
Others, as requested




Delivering Customer Delight™

A unique one-of-a-kind presentation that leads to increased sales, profits, employee retention and morale. Why? Delight means “to give great pleasure.” If you can provide pleasure to customers and employees, they will go nowhere else. The six working tools comprise a system of organized motivational behavior that will delight internal and external customers so they become customers forever.                                           

Delivering Customer Delight™ is a program your attendees will use because of its simplistic approach. Why Delivering Customer Delight is for you!

·         Your business is strong and you would like it to be even better.

·         Your company is in a growth mode but finding it harder to maintain a strong customer base.

·         You would like continuous profit improvement.

·         Holding on to existing customers and employees is a prime company objective.

·         You are finding it more difficult to retain employees and customers.

·         It is becoming harder to capture new customers.

·         Few employees realize that by delivering enhanced customer delight profits will increase.

·         Today’s harsh economic environment is placing added pressure on achieving a positive company performance.

This program will have an immediate positive impact on rejuvenating your company’s culture. In addition, the program will entertain, educate and motivate you to transform your organization into a delightful enterprise.

A delightful company equates to profits.

Learning Objectives (Takeaways)

By attending the presentation you will be able to:

·         Recognize the relevance of customer needs.

·         Introduce the working tools for Delivering Customer Delight™ upon returning to your organization.

·         Receive an understanding how the working tools lead to improved performance, increased morale and an overall company culture rejuvenation.

·         Provide an understanding how customer delight can motivate employees.

·         Discover how a simplistic approach can benefit all employees.

·         Illustrate how a delighted customer can be a customer forever.

The Customer Delight presentation can be slotted anywhere within your event, a great kick-off topic, a spectacular closing keynote to generate excitement and a wonderful educational session.


Life Lessons…How to Achieve Business & Personal Success

After a 24+ year successful career with multi-billion dollar corporations, mainly in the food service industry, Steve Zipkoff quit his job with two children in college and took time out from his career to answer the very important question, “What do I want to do with my life when I grow up?” Six months later he had the answer to the question. He took a leap of faith and started his own business…Zipkoff Solutions.

During this time of reflection, he developed a series of “life lessons” that can help anyone become successful in their own business career and personal life. Now after 18 years on his own and a “blue chip” client list, Steve helps individuals and companies learn the intricacies of being successful.

These “life lessons” were so thought-provoking and helpful they were featured in an article about Steve’s career in The Wall Street Journal several years ago. These “life lessons” are extremely valuable today as the corporate environment becomes more fluid and the chances of individuals losing their jobs becomes more of a reality than make-believe.

Steve’s “life lessons” presentation will provide the impetus you need to evaluate your own life and career and then determine what it takes to move forward, faster in order for you to be successful in your own eyes. It is a program designed to get you moving so that success is within your reach.

It will teach you how you can “live well by living smart” and how negatives can be turned into positives. This presentation is insightful, entertaining, educational, and motivational.

Life Lessons is a spectacular keynote address to kick-off your event and a really good educational break-out session.


If You Want to Find Gold…Try Prospecting – How to Relationship Sell

Regardless of what you have done in the past or what you plan to do in the future, your next business opportunity will be based on developing a relationship with the people who come in contact with you.

Building relationships is the key to finding your next golden opportunity. With all of the technology available to us today, as a society, we still rely on the personal touch to eventually find a new client or business opportunity.

Rarely do businesses find new customers without the personal contact. Thus developing a means to relationship sell yourself and your products or services can be the difference between finding your next opportunity or remaining below your company’s expectations.

This exciting presentation will provide participants the necessary information and tools you will need to build relationships and find your next business opportunity. This will be accomplished by:

·         Exploring what prospecting & relationship selling is

·         Learn why relationship selling is so important in finding gold

·         What’s it all about

·         Identify the nine stages of prospecting (relationship selling)

·         Do not let NO stop you in your pursuit

·         “Git er done”

This is a wonderful break-out workshop topic


Change…It’s The Way of Life

Confucius said it best…”only the wisest and the very stupidest never change.” Yet for some reason when change is proposed, people seem to go nuts. They resent change and in many cases, fight it, even though change might be for the best.

Most people find change devastating. However, it isn’t. In some cases, it can be the best thing that happens to you. Most corporate environments are constantly in a state of change yet most employees resist it.

What this program will provide the participant.

·         Introduce and discuss what change really is

·         Why is change considered a negative and how it can be turned into a positive

·         Identify the necessary mechanics relating to change

·         Introduce the mechanics of change and present examples for each so they can be utilized for positive results by the audience

This is another useful break-out session or keynote address.

The Seven Stages of Successful Unemployment…From Hell to Hallelujah!

Today, most working Americans are living with a potential dark cloud over their heads…unemployment. As companies restructure, reorganize, retool, refocus, reposition, and reengineer, they’re distributing more pink slips than Victoria’s Secret. Employees are being laid off, fired, cut back, reduced in number and downsized.

 And it’s not getting any better.

Add in mischievous accounting practices, unscrupulous top management, take-no-prisoners competition and a pressure on corporations to make a profit that is more demanding than ever. This places a strain on both the company and the employee. After all, one sure way to reduce cost is to reduce the number of employees.

This, sometimes light-hearted book, is a traveling companion to help you journey through the seven stages of successful unemployment on the way to a new career opportunity, whether it’s your journey or that of a friend or family member. The marketplace has changed dramatically over the past several years, but the effect of unemployment hasn’t.

This presentation describes unemployment from the view of someone who has experienced this situation. It describes how you should go about finding a new opportunity. It offers hope that being unemployed can be less stressful than you imagine. And it explains that you are not alone.

This exciting, positive, motivational presentation will provide the audience the opportunity to understand that positive attitudes, enthusiasm, persistence and not letting fear interfere with your life can change how you look at life.

This is a very entertaining, motivational keynote address or break-out session for any type of audience. Don’t let the subject matter turn you away. This is a powerful positive program.


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